Wildlife - Nigil Haroon Photography
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Thomson’s Gazelle: female

Seen here is the female Thomson’s Gazelle as evident from the thin pencil like antlers. Thomson’s gazelles are similar to the Grant’s gazelle posted earlier except they are smaller and have a black band running along the side of the trunk from the shoulder to the hind leg. The black band on the face extends from the eyes to the snout.

We stopped for this beautiful gazelle not just because of the beauty of the subject. You tend to see the final product before you take the picture. Training your eyes to see the end result is cardinal in learning to capture compelling pictures. Look for leading lines and the 1/3 rule. The ridge brings the gazelle up to eye level and the downslope gives an overall look of movement and intention to the gazelle. The downslope also serves as a leading line guiding our eyes to the subject. I do not like the big tree in the background which could be distracting our attention. This can be easily removed in postproduction if required. Similarly balancing the frame (left and right, up and down) is extremely important to improve the overall picture. Hope you get an opportunity this weekend to get out and shoot some awesome pictures.


Canon #1DXii #600mmF4 1.4Exiii @840mm 1/800s F6.3 ISO800

Note that I stepped the f stop down a bit. Generally lenses work best for sharpness when you step down the F stop a bit from full wide apertures. With the 1.4 extender the 600 F4 would have F5.6 as the widest aperture.