Wildlife - Nigil Haroon Photography
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Grizzly Bear Boar

Interior BC, Chilcotin, Canada.

At this time of the year the river is flooded with different kinds of Salmon that swim upstream to spawn. The eggs have a better chance of survival in fresh water with less predators and fresh water. The fries get better nutrition as well. There are 2.5 million Pink Salmons the spawn in this river bed while the Chinook, Stealhead, Chum and Sockeye are much rarer (relatively). Atlantic Salmon are not seen here. Despite the ease of getting to Pink Salmon (if you step into the river you are likely to accidentally step on one), the Grizzlies don't go for the fast food. Instead they search almost like finding a needle in the haystack for other Salmon. They particularly like Chinook which is seen here in this picture. There is a great demand for Chinook, but if you fish Pink you may have to give it free to distributors!

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